Dietetic Interns Learn Milk

The first-ever meeting of all three dietetic programs was held for the University of Mississippi, Mississippi State University, and the University of Southern Mississippi. The idea was conceived by The Dairy Alliance's Donna Speed with university professors while at the MS Dietetic Annual Conference.

The Dairy Alliance coordinated and sponsored the all-day meeting for the students and professors. The students visited Mississippi Food Network, where Donna taught the nutrition supplied by dairy, the advantages of real milk, and the efforts being made by farmers to reduce greenhouse gases. The students toured the food bank and helped stuff over 300 backpacks for a weekend feeding program for low-income students. The program was a huge success as shown with a 9.5 rating out of 10 and a 34.75% increase in the perception of dairy. This event will become an annual event that will help students understand the importance of breastfeeding, dairy, and helping others in need.

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