Georgia 4-H MilkMake Contests

In 2019, 58 counties participated in the Georgia 4-H MilkMake Recipe Contest sponsored by The Dairy Alliance. Over 1,000 4-H members in grades four through eight developed new recipes for fun and creative milk drinks and competed in county contests. The Georgia 4-H MilkMake recipe contests are held at the county level, which allows counties to host the competition in a way that fits their community. Many counties choose to conduct the contest live in a cook-off style format at their office, local schools, or other community locations. The MilkMake contest is paired with a lesson on Georgia agriculture or MyPlate highlighting dairy farming and nutrition. Several counties chose to pump up the fun by featuring a Georgia 4-H Blender Bike to blend the drinks at their event. All of the 4-H leaders who hosted a MilkMake contest this year reported that they consider this a worthwhile activity for their 4-H members!

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