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March 2019

3/21/2019 ( – McDonald’s to give away La-Z-Boy couch with built-in McFlurry cooler

McDonald’s is giving away a four-person couch that includes a built-in cooler designed to keep McFlurries at 33 degrees. Full Story

3/21/2019 (NBC Los Angeles) – Gooey Good Times at the Sacramento Grilled Cheese Fest 

Sacramento Grilled Cheese Fest will be held April 13 and 14. Full Story

3/20/2019 (CNN) – Parents get new advice on preventing food allergies in children

The American Academy of Pediatrics published updated guidance on the prevention of food allergies and other allergic conditions. Full Story

3/20/2019 (Associated Press) – Floodwaters threaten millions in crop and livestock losses

Nebraska Farm Bureau estimates flooding caused $400 million in crop losses and up to $500 million in livestock losses. Full Story

3/19/2019 (USA TODAY) – Dairy Queen’s Free Cone Day returns for first day of spring Wednesday

Dairy Queen will offer free soft-serve cones tomorrow to celebrate the first day of spring. Full Story

3/19/2019 (Business Insider) –There’s even more evidence that drinking lots of soda and sugar-filled coffee could lead to an early death

A long-term study suggests drinking lots of sugar-filled drinks could lead to an early death, especially amongst women. Full Story

3/18/2019 (The Daily Tar Heel) – Bill introduced to designate ice cream as official frozen treat of N.C.

North Carolina is considering a bill to name ice cream the state’s official frozen treat. Full Story

3/18/2019 ( – Domino’s offering 50 percent off menu-priced pizza for March Madness

Domino’s is offering 50 percent off menu-priced items between today and March 24. Full Story

3/14/2019 (WCAU Philadelphia) – Get Excited About Spring With Frozen Treats, Freebies and Deals

Dairy Queen, Baskin Robbins, Ben & Jerry’s are offering freebies and deals as spring approaches. Full Story

3/14/2019 ( – Clio Snacks seeks to revive sluggish Greek yogurt segment with yogurt bars promising permissible indulgence

Clio’s frozen Greek yogurt bites are looking to boost the yogurt category with a snack option. Full Story

3/13/2019 ( – LG Made an Instant Ice Cream Machine That Uses Pods Like a Keurig

LG introduced a countertop ice cream maker that uses pods like a Keurig coffee machine. Full Story

3/13/2019 (Restaurant Business) – Dairy: The Plant-Forward Menu’s Favorite Partner

The California Milk Advisory Board authored an article in Restaurant Business calling dairy “the plant-forward menu’s favorite partner.” Full Story

3/12/2019 (FoodBev Media) – ‘Five key trends shaping the dairy industry in 2019’

FoodBev Media looks at the top five trends shaping the international dairy industry: digestive wellness, dairy proteins, flavor experimentation, reducing sugars and camel milk. Full Story

3/12/2019 (Seattle Times) – ‘What next? Biblical plagues?’ Blizzard killed 1,850 cows, and Yakima Valley farmers are reeling

The Seattle Times looks at how dairy farmers in the Yakima Valley are still assessing the damage from a winter storm that left 1,850 cows dead. Full Story

3/11/2019 (Inc. Video) – This Woman Is Revolutionizing the Dairy and Spirit Industries… At the Same Time

An entrepreneur developed a process to turn whey into an alcoholic beverage. Full Story

3/11/2019 (Quartz) – The humble cow has been thrust into the political limelight

Cows are in the political spotlight thanks to conversations such as the Green New Deal proposal. Full Story

3/7/2019 (Successful Farming) – New Market Planned To Pay Farmers For Soil Carbon, Water Quality

General Mills, Cargill, McDonald’s and The Nature Conservancy are among 10 companies and organizations forming a consortium to develop protocols and a market framework to issue greenhouse gas reduction credits to farmers who adopt conservation practices. Full Story

3/7/2019 (Delish) – ‘Milk Coke’ Is A Real Thing People Drink And We Don’t Know How To Feel

“Milk Coke,” a mixture of milk and Coca-Cola, is becoming a viral sensation. Full Story

3/6/2019 (ABC News) – Starbucks and Ariana Grande are introducing a new drink and we are here for it

Starbucks introduced the Cloud Macchiato. Full Story

3/6/2019 (Associated Press) – US Championship Cheese Contest starts in Wisconsin

The country’s largest cheese, butter and yogurt competition is underway in Wisconsin. Full Story

3/5/2019 (Forbes) – KFC Invites Fans Along For Its Crazy Marketing Ride

KFC is asking fans to help financially support some of its marketing efforts. Full Story

3/5/2019 (Daily News-Record) – Moo-ve Over Cartons — School Installs Milk Dispensers

A Virginia school is replacing cardboard milk cartons with milk dispensers and reusable cups. Full Story

3/4/2019 (Well+Good) – Meet Quark, Germany’s Answer To Greek Yogurt

Dietitian Toby Amidor helps explain quark, a soft cheese that could challenge the popularity of Greek yogurt. Full Story

3/4/2019 (Thrillist) – This Is Why People Are Throwing Cheese at Kids on Social Media

“The cheese challenge” — throwing a slice of cheese at babies or kids — is going viral. Full Story

February 2019

2/28/2019 (Southern Farm Network) – Product Innovation Key to Future Dairy Demand

DMI Chair Marilyn Hershey shares how the checkoff is creating a viable future and demand for U.S. dairy. Full Story

2/28/2019 (Food Dive) – Papa John’s eyes sports stars, social influencers as brand rehabilitation efforts continue

Papa John’s may launch a $6 pizza campaign for the start of the NCAA men’s basketball tournament. Full Story

2/27/2019 (USA TODAY) – Robots may soon make your FedEx delivery from Walmart, Target and Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut is partnering with FedEx to use the SameDay Bot, a robotic delivery service. Full Story

2/27/2019 (Green Bay Press Gazette) –Lambeau Field hosts contest to crown America’s best cheese

Wisconsin’s Lambeau Field is ready to host next week’s U.S. Championship Cheese Contest. Full Story

2/26/2019 (Quartz) – Amazon’s got milk

Amazon launched Happy Belly, a private-label dairy line which includes lactose-free milk, half and half, and whipping creams. Full Story

2/26/2019 ( –  Chocolate milk performs well in strength test with teens, but real world issues complicate study

A field trial showed chocolate milk outperformed a commercial sports drink in a study looking at strength gains in adolescent athletes. Full Story

2/25/2019 (Business Insider) – Chick-fil-A sells a cheese dipping sauce in certain parts of America — here’s what the rare side tastes like

Chick-Fil-A offers a cheese dipping sauce in some stores in NYC and the Midwest. Full Story

2/25/2019 (The Hill) – Ocasio-Cortez explains ‘farting cows’ comment: ‘We’ve got to address factory farming’

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says to address climate change, “we need to look at factory farming, period.” Full Story

2/21/2019 ( – Dairy Turns Manure into Irrigation Water Using Worms. Yes, Worms.

Washington dairy farmer Austin Allred shares how worms help his farm produce clean water, an effort that earned him a sustainability award. Full Story

2/21/2019 (Business Insider) – Papa John’s is adding a chicken-and-waffle pizza to the menu

Winner of a Twitter poll, Papa John’s is adding a chicken-and-waffles pizza. Full Story

2/20/2019 (Country Folks) – New York farm girls tell the real story of dairy

Country Folks profiles the @NYFarmGirls, three young dairy farming sisters who tell dairy’s story on social media. Full Story

2/20/2019 (Huffington Post’s Life) – 13 Celebs Dish On Their Favorite Comforting Junk Food

Huffington Post’s Life dishes on celebrities’ favorite comfort foods, most of which include dairy. Full Story

2/19/2019 (Food Navigator USA) – Packaged Facts: What are the disruptive food trends for 2019?

Researchers share growing consumer trends, including “a dose of gut health at breakfast” from foods such as yogurt and kefir. Full Story

2/19/2019 (Reuters) – British supermarkets battle to secure stocks as chaotic Brexit looms

British supermarkets are stockpiling food in anticipation of next month’s Brexit with no trade agreement for the food industry. Full Story

2/18/2019 (NPR) – Food Banks Are Overflowing With Milk

The USDA program to donate surplus milk to food banks has created logistical issues for a West Virginia pantry. Full Story

2/18/2019 (Tri-City Herald) – Cattle losses from Eastern Washington blizzard top $2 million

Damage from the Washington state blizzard has grown to 1,800 cows lost and $2 million in financial losses. Full Story 

2/14/2019 (NBC News) – Over 1,800 dairy cows killed in freak blizzard in Washington state, hurting struggling farmers

NBC News speaks with members of Washington’s dairy industry who are reeling from a storm that caused the death of more than 1,800 cows. Full Story

2/14/2019 (Elite Daily) – The McDonald’s Shamrock Shake Is Back To Help You Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

The Shamrock Shake is back at McDonald’s. Full Story

2/13/2019 (Shape) – Mediterranean Diet Snacks That You Can Buy or Make at Home

Dietitian Toby Amidor offers snacking ideas for those who follow the Mediterranean diet, including some dairy-based options. Full Story

2/13/2019 (Grub Street) – Everything You Know About Pizza Is Wrong … Maybe

New historical research challenges the long-held belief of who owned America’s first pizza shop. Full Story

2/12/2019 (Forbes) – Tasty Launches Ice Cream Flavors: Using Social Media As Recipe For Success

Forbes says Tasty’s new retail ice cream launch is poised for success thanks in part to its social media reach. Full Story

2/12/2019 (Chew Boom) – Pizza Hut Brings Back Ultimate Cheesy Crust Pizza

Pizza Hut’s Ultimate Cheesy Crust Pizza is back for a limited time. Full Story

2/11/2019 (Food+Bev Media) – Dairy Farmers of America debuts Craigs Creamery cheese brand

DFA partnered with eight New York-area dairy families to introduce a new cheese brand called “Craigs Creamery.” Full Story

2/11/2019 (Cheese Market News) – Pepper cheeses pack heat, flavor to entice consumers

NDC’s Chad Galer shares insights on the growing trend of cheese with peppers and other spices bringing excitement to the category. Full Story

2/8/2019 (Boston Magazine) – This Chocolate Milk Company Is Redefining Dairy in a Big Way

The founders of Slate Milk say they have created a chocolate milk product that appeals to adults. Full Story

2/7/2019 (Wisconsin State Farmer) – U.S. Championship Cheese Contest sets new record for entries

Next month’s U.S. Cheese Championship Contest has drawn a record 2,555 entries from across the country. Full Story

2/7/2019 (TODAY) – These are the absolute best pizza deals on National Pizza Day

TODAY lists the best deals for Saturday’s celebration. Full Story

2/6/2019 (The Dairyman’s Blog) – A Super Time in Atlanta

Alabama dairy farmer Will Gilmer recounts his time this past weekend at the Super Bowl Fan Experience. Full Story

2/6/2019 (USA Today) – Counting calories? Halo Top’s new mini ice cream pops could be a game changer

Halo Top introduced snackable mini ice cream pops. Full Story

2/5/2019 (Dairy Herd Management) – Super Bowl Chunky-Style Milk Commercial Revolts Many on Ag Twitter

Mint Mobile’s “chunky-style milk” Super Bowl ad was a flop in the agricultural community. Full Story

2/5/2019 (Southern Living) – Why Howling Cow Ice Cream is So Popular in North Carolina

Howling Cow ice cream is made entirely on North Carolina State University’s campus, from cow to cone. Full Story

2/4/2019 (Parade) – 4 Freebies for National Frozen Yogurt Day 2019

National Frozen Yogurt Day is Wednesday, and some restaurants are offering free helpings. Full Story

2/4/2019 (Atlas Obscura) – Mint Milk

Central New York has a tradition of stocking glass bottles of green mint milk each March. Full Story

January 2019

1/31/2019 (WHTM Harrisburg) – Traveling the world reviewing Chocolate Milk

Enthusiast Perry James has tasted more than 1,200 different chocolate milks in 49 countries during his quest to find the world’s best. Full Story

1/31/2019 (WWLP Chicopee) – Massachusetts dairy farmers receive grants to promote their products

Massachusetts granted $200,000 toward education efforts about the importance of local dairy products. Full Story

1/30/2019 (PR Newswire) – For the Love of Pizza: Domino’s to Offer Rewards Points for Any Pizza – Even Competitors’ 

Domino’s will offer loyalty rewards points for eating its competitor’s pizza for a limited time. Full Story

1/30/2019 (UTMB Newsroom) – Higher quality protein could lead to better results for those on bed rest

A new research study suggests that using whey to improve the quality of protein people eat while on bed rest could help protect muscle. Full Story

1/29/2019 (PR Newswire) – Oh Baby! Pizza Hut Welcomes Next Generation Of NFL Fans With Free Pizza And Super Bowl Tickets To First Baby Born After Kickoff

Pizza Hut will give a year’s worth of pizza to the parents of the first baby born after kickoff on Super Bowl Sunday. Full Story

1/29/2019 (AGWEB) – Dairy Farmers Star in Social Media Music Video, “Talk to Me”

Dairy farmers Jessica Peters and Katie Dotterer-Pyle have gone viral with their parody music video “Talk to Me,” which encourages consumers to dialogue with producers. Full Story

1/28/2019 (Forbes) – What Instagram-Worthy Drink Is Going To Be 2019’s Coolest Trend? Cheese Coffee

Forbes suggests cheese coffee will be 2019’s coolest trend. Full Story

1/28/2019 (Business Insider) – 11 of the best foods to eat on the Mediterranean diet

Business Insider says dairy is one of the “11 best foods to eat on the Mediterranean diet.” Full Story

1/25/2019 (Food & Wine) – Nearly Half of Shoppers Buy Both Dairy and Plant-Based Milk, Survey Says

A good chunk of consumers are not only actively able to choose between normal milk and plant-based milk, but they also sometimes like to choose both. Full Story

1/24/2019 (Associated Press) – Organic price premiums dip as demand grows, choices multiply

The price premium for many organic foods is dropping as the number of options increases. Full Story

1/24/2019 (TODAY) – Ben & Jerry’s just released 3 new flavors — and they all have a cookie dough core

Ben & Jerry’s introduced three ice cream flavors with a cookie dough core. Full Story

1/23/2019 (Nation’s Restaurant News) –  Pizza Hut expects to sell 2 million pizzas during Super Bowl

With sponsorships drawing new customers, Pizza Hut expects to sell 2 million pizzas during the Super Bowl. Full Story

1/23/2019 (Deli Market News) – American Cheese Society’s New Study Offers Insight into the Business of Artisan and Specialty Cheese

A study by the American Cheese Society says there are nearly 1,000 artisan and specialty cheesemakers in the U.S., a number that has increased over the past few decades. Full Story

1/22/2019 (Runner’s World) – Is Dairy Bad For You?

Runner’s World examines how dairy supports “a healthy lifestyle.” Full Story

December 2018

12/7/2018 (Southern Living) – Southern Living references National Dairy Council in answering the question, yes, you can freeze cheese

According to the National Dairy Council, cheeses that are sold pre-shredded or in solid blocks can be stored in the freezer. Full Story


12/6/2018 (Refinery29) – Whole Foods will bring back its 12 Days of Cheese promotion

Starting on December 12 and running through December 23, Whole Foods will be taking 50% off a different artisan cheese every single day. Full Story


12/4/2018 (Dairy Reporter) – Greek yogurt brands are innovating to keep consumers interested in the high-protein snack

After explosive growth in the US throughout the last decade, Greek yogurt brands are innovating however they can to keep consumers interested in the high-protein snack, taking cues from wider convenience channel trends. Full Story