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Kroger Raises Over 34,000 Gallons of Milk for Atlanta’s Local Feeding America Food Banks

Contact: Julie Russell 770.907.8155 [email protected]  Kroger Supports the Community to Help Feed Children Through The Great American Milk Drive Kroger teamed up with The Dairy Alliance in The Great American Milk Drive to deliver fresh, nutrient-rich milk to local kids and families who may otherwise go without. Thanks to contributions from Kroger shoppers in Atlanta more than 34,000 gallons of milk will be donated to Feeding America food banks in the Atlanta area to help provide fresh milk to kids who need it most in the local community. More than 46 million Americans – including 12 million children – are served by Feeding America network food banks each year. Milk is one of the most requested, but least donated, items at food banks, meaning children in need may be missing out on the essential nutrients, including high-quality protein, it supplies. Thanks to the generosity of donors across the country, The Great American Milk Drive has delivered more than 1.5 million gallons – that’s over 24 million servings – of milk to food banks through this first-of-its-kind national program. Yet, there’s still more to do. Hunger has no boundaries and is a problem that exists in urban, suburban, and rural communities. In fact, one in four children struggle with hunger in the state of Georgia. On average, food banks are only able to provide the equivalent of less than one gallon of milk per person, per year. While Americans are generous with donations of canned and dry goods, fresh milk is a lot harder to donate because it’s perishable. Through The Great American Milk Drive at Kroger, Atlanta residents helped provide local families in need with nutritious milk they might have otherwise missed. Visit Milk Life for more information on The Great American Milk Drive and the need for milk in America’s food banks. About The Dairy Alliance: On behalf of dairy farm families of the Southeast, the non-profit The Dairy Alliance, works with schools, health professionals, retailers, dairy processors, and the public to promote dairy foods.  ### Download the Press Release  

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