Meatless Meals Still Need Dairy

The Dairy Alliance was invited to participate in a statewide training for school chefs, food service directors, menu planners and dietitians to find nutritious recipes for meatless menus. For this, The Dairy Alliance team focused on utilizing dairy products like yogurt, milk, ricotta cheese and cottage cheese in recipes and as well as creating "grab and go" items like smoothies, parfaits and other easy-to-carry entrees. Additionally, the Dairy Delicious School Meals presentation included ideas for building both breakfast and lunch menus with dairy with bowls, focusing on the nutritional impact that dairy adds to meatless menu options. The recipes that were prepared and sampled included a Waldorf salad, peach overnight oats, a creamy herb yogurt dip, bean burrito bowls, fiesta parfaits, and chipotle bbq 3 bean salad, all available NDC recipes. After the presentation, The Dairy Alliance provided the participants with measuring cups, school meal recipe card sets and promotional bags. The participants were excited to incorporate these dairy recipes into their school menus and hopeful for additional dairy trainings to learn how else they can incorporate the recipes.