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March 2019

3/21/2019 ( – Flooding to Continue Into Next Week

The National Weather Service says flooding will continue for at least the next week as rain and melted snow make their way south into Missouri, Kansas and Mississippi. Full Story

3/21/2019 ( – U.S. livestock called at risk for foot-and-mouth disease outbreak

A U.S. Government Accountability Office report concludes the U.S. is woefully unprepared to contain an outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease. Full Story

3/20/2019 (Cornell Chronicle) – Cornell model helps dairy farms reduce nitrogen, save money

Updates and improvements to a Cornell University dairy nutrition model will help farmers determine what to feed cows to make production more efficient and environmentally friendly. Full Story

3/20/2019 ( – Statement from FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, M.D., and Deputy Commissioner Frank Yiannas on new steps to strengthen FDA’s food safety program for 2020 and beyond

FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb and Deputy Commissioner Frank Yiannas released a statement on strengthening FDA’s food safety program for 2020 and beyond. Full Story

3/19/2019 (Wisconsin State Farmer) – USDA celebrates National Ag Day with new youth website

The ag department launched a new website aimed at connecting kids with resources to “engage, empower and educate the next generation of agricultural leaders.” Full Story

3/19/2019 (Successful Farming) – In A Generation, Mega-Farms Will Dominate ‘Production’ Ag, Analyst Predicts

An Aimpoint Research executive predicts much larger farms will generate most of the country’s agriculture in 20 years, nearly wiping out mid-sized farms. Full Story

3/18/2019 (DairyBusiness) – Navigating Changing Consumer Expectations Around Nutrition

National Dairy Council President Jean Ragalie-Carr says National Nutrition Month is a time to be reminded how the idea of “nutrition and health” is evolving among today’s consumers. Full Story

3/18/2019 (Agri-Pulse) – Keep Food Safe from Glyphosate Act

Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D-Conn.) has introduced the “Keep Food Safe from Glyphosate Act” that would require USDA to collect data on glyphosate residues in produce and other foods. Full Story

3/14/2019 (Food Dive) – USDA launches campaign to simplify nutrition planning

USDA launched “Start Simple with MyPlate,” a campaign to help consumers make healthier eating choices. Full Story

3/14/2019 (Farm Journal’s MILK) – Which State Lost the Most Dairies in 2018?

Farm Journal’s MILK looks at which states lost the most dairy farms in 2018. Full Story

3/13/2019 (Brownfield Ag News) – USDA Releases Total 2018 & January Milk Production

Despite the drop in the number of farms, USDA says milk production was up last year. Full Story

3/13/2019 (Dairy Herd Management) – Dairy Report: Milk Price Projections Climb; Exports Reach Records

The World Agriculture Supply and Demand Estimates (WASDE) has raised the all milk price forecast from an average of $17.00 to $17.60 per hundredweight. Full Story

3/12/2019 (Federal Register) – Announcement of First Meeting of the 2020 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee and Request for Comments

The USDA and HHS announced the first meeting of the 2020 Dietary Guidelines Committee as it opened the public comment period. Full Story

3/12/2019 (Progressive Dairyman) – Weekly Digest: USDA amends Class I skim milk price formula 

A change to how the USDA calculates Class I skim milk price takes effect May 1. Full Story

3/11/2019 (Dairy Foods) – The milk category is ripe for innovation

DMI’s Paul Ziemnisky shared how the checkoff is investing to drive growth in milk-based beverages during IDFA’s Dairy Forum. Full Story

3/11/2019 (St. Albans Messenger) – No support for supply management, says USDA Secretary

USDA Secretary Sonny Perdue says it’s unlikely the U.S. would adopt a nationwide supply management program. Full Story

3/7/2019 (U.S. Dairy Exporter Blog) – 2018 Sets Record Year for U.S. Dairy Exports, Reaching Nearly 16% of Milk Solids Production

U.S. dairy exports reached a record-high volume in 2018, increasing 9 percent over the prior yearFull Story

3/7/2019 (Agri-Pulse) – USDA: Farm earnings to rise 10 percent in 2019

The USDA is forecasting net farm income should increase by about 10 percent in 2019. Full Story

3/6/2019 ( – Gottlieb resigns from FDA, dairy projects in the balance

Gottlieb championed an update to labeling rules, which drew praise from dairy organizations. Full Story

3/6/2019 (AgWeb) – From Farting Cows to More Beans; Anti-Livestock Claims Fall Short

UC Davis’ Dr. Frank Mitloehner says farmers need to be proactive in telling animal ag’s sustainability story in the face of EAT-Lancet and Green New Deal confusion. Full Story

3/5/2019 (Reuters) – Trump scraps trade privilege for India; Delhi plays down impact

President Trump removed India from a program that provided preferential trade treatment. Full Story

3/5/2019 ( – Dairy’s in for the Long Haul on Trade

NMPF CEO Jim Mulhern says “dairy is in it for the long haul” when it comes to resolving trade disputes. Full Story

3/4/2019 (Morning Ag Clips) – Dairy FARM standards available for comment

The FARM Program has issued its proposal for Version 4.0 standards and is asking for input from industry stakeholders. Full Story

3/4/2019 (Reuters) – U.S. and China said to appear close to deal to roll back tariffs

The U.S. and China appear close to a deal that would roll back tariffs on at least $200 billion worth of Chinese goods and Beijing eliminating retaliatory tariffs on U.S. goods. Full Story

February 2019

2/28/2019 (Farm Journal’s Milk) – 2018 Dairy Cow Culling Up 5.5%

The number of dairy cows culled jumped 5 percent from 2017 to 2018. Full Story

2/28/2019 (Forbes) – Here’s How Dairy Giant Dean Foods Curdled Its Own Milk

With a number of challenges, Dean Foods is exploring options for the future. Full Story

2/27/2019 (AGDAILY) – Want to influence consumers on social media? Do these 4 things

DMI’s Don Schindler gives four key tips on how to influence consumers on social media. Full Story

2/27/2019 (Reuters) – Dean Foods explores options including sale

Dean Foods is exploring strategic business options, “including the possible breakup of the biggest U.S. milk producer.” Full Story

2/26/2019 (Progressive Farmer) – Seeking Robust Exports to China

USDA Deputy Secretary Steve Censky says the U.S. wants China to promise to buy a broad range of agricultural commodities. Full Story

2/26/2019 (Feedstuffs) – New members named to dietary guidelines committee

USDA announced 20 scientists to serve on the 2020 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee. Full Story

2/25/2019 (USDA) – USDA To Host 2018 Farm Bill Implementation Listening Sessions

The USDA holds a listening session tomorrow morning for input on how it implements and/or upgrades programs. Full Story

2/25/2019 (CNBC) – Trump says he will delay additional China tariffs originally scheduled to start on March 1

President Trump postponed higher tariffs on Chinese goods due to “substantial progress” in trade talks. Full Story

2/21/2019 (MILK Business) – December U.S. Milk Production Up 0.5%

USDA reports U.S. milk production in 2018 was up 0.9 percent from 2017 despite the overall herd size dropping. Full Story

2/21/2019 (Reuters) – Exclusive: U.S., China sketch outlines of deal to end trade war – sources

The U.S. and China have outlined commitments in principle on the stickiest issues in their trade dispute, marking the most significant progress to date. Full Story

2/20/2019 (The Post-Star) – Agri-Mark chairman: Farm Bill offers respite for dairy farmers

Agri-Mark Chairman Neal Rea is pleased the 2018 Farm Bill offers dairy farmers an opportunity to recoup more costs through an improved and lower-cost margin insurance program. Full Story

2/20/2019 (Feedstuffs) – IDF publication confirms milk pasteurization health benefits

A report from the International Dairy Federation confirms pasteurization does not significantly impact nutritional properties of milk. Full Story

2/19/2019 (Star Tribune) – As regulators ponder food labels, dairy farmers press harder against nut ‘milk’

Dairy farmers continue to push for stricter labeling laws as the FDA considers who can use the word “milk.” Full Story

2/19/2019 (Capital Press) – Commentary: Time to share the facts about climate and food

Dr. Frank Mitloehner of UC-Davis said the EAT-Lancet report used “fundamentally flawed data.” Full Story

2/18/2019 (Farm Progress) – Can you hear me now, agvocates?

Farm Progress shares advice from DMI’s Don Schindler, who encourages farmers to share with consumers why they love to farm on social media. Full Story

2/14/2019 (Reuters) – Top U.S. trade envoys to meet China’s Xi, no decision on deadline extension

Talks between the U.S. and China are escalating ahead of a March 1 deadline for a deal. Full Story

2/14/2019 (KCRG Cedar Rapids) – Deadline arrives for farmer trade war aid

Today is the deadline for farmers to sign up for the USDA’s Market Facilitation Program. Full Story

2/13/2019 (Associated Press) – Dairy farmers across U.S. cast wary eye on prospects for 2019

Experts project dairy farmers are in for another challenging year, but the new Farm Bill should provide some relief. Full Story

2/13/2019 ( – Bipartisan whole milk bill draws support from the northeast

The Whole Milk for Healthy Kids Act of 2019 is gaining support from dairy organizations. Full Story

2/12/2019 (Hoard’s Dairyman) – What should be included on your farm website?

DMI’s Don Schindler offers tips to farmers who are looking to build a website for their dairy. Full Story

2/11/2019 (Hoard’s Dairyman) – Working toward mutual wins for dairy

IDFA CEO Michael Dykes says the dairy industry is working together to improve the outlook for producers and processors, with special attention paid to fluid milk. Full Story

2/11/2019 (Agri-View) – Efficiency reduces greenhouse-gas emissions

Global greenhouse gas emissions from dairy cows have dropped in the last decade, according to a United Nations and Global Dairy Platform study. Full Story

2/8/2019 (Brownfield Ag News) – U.S. Plans to be Dairy Supplier for Long Haul

USDEC CEO Tom Vilsack says access to natural resources will set the U.S. apart as a world supplier of dairy products. Full Story

2/8/2019 (The U.S. Dairy Exporter Blog) – U.S. Could Triple Cheese Exports to Japan with New Trade Agreement

A USDEC study projects Japan’s growing love for cheese presents an opportunity for exporters to more than triple sales over 10 years if a U.S.-Japan trade agreement is negotiated. Full Story

2/7/2019 (Reuters) – World food prices rise in January: U.N. FAO

Food prices rose in January thanks to a global rebound in dairy prices, according to the United Nations. Full Story

2/7/2019 (Nutrition Coalition) – EAT-Lancet Report is One-sided, Not Backed by Rigorous Science

Nina Teicholz says the EAT-Lancet report authors may have done their own peer review, which “would be a basic violation of scientific publication standards.” Full Story

2/6/2019 (Brownfield Ag News) – Dairy Farms Honored for High Quality Milk

More than 40 dairy farms were recognized for their superior milk quality during the National Mastitis Council annual meeting. Full Story

2/5/2019 (Farm Journal’s MILK) – Analyst Says Dairy Safety Net Is Strongest In 40 Years

A Pro Farmer analyst says dairy’s safety net is as strong as it’s been in 40 years. Full Story

2/5/2019 (DairyBusiness) – With Dairy’s Strong Will, There’s Always a Way

NMPF President and CEO Jim Mulhern says “with dairy’s strong will, there’s always a way.” Full Story

2/4/2019 (Hoard’s Dairyman) – Look who’s working on behalf of dairy

GENYOUth CEO Alexis Glick recognized some of the program’s “superheroes” at its recent gala, including former NFL great Thurman Thomas and NDC President Jean Ragalie-Carr. Full Story

January 2019

1/31/2019 (Feedstuffs) – House members introduce Whole Milk for Healthy Kids Act

U.S. House members introduced a bill to allow schools to serve whole milk with meals. Full Story

1/31/2019 (The Columbian) – Bill would limit selling of non-mammal ‘milk’

A Washington state senator has introduced a bill that forbids the use of the word “milk” on labels of products not produced by mammals. Full Story

1/30/2019 (Dairy Foods) – Study: Competitor trade agreements could threaten U.S. dairy exports to Japan

A USDEC study projects new trade agreements between Japan and other countries will put U.S. dairy exports at a competitive disadvantage, resulting in lost sales of $5.4 billion over 21 years. Full Story

1/30/2019 (Reuters) – Oink, moo and brrr: Polar vortex strikes U.S. farm belt

Reuters speaks with farmers across the Midwest about protecting their animals in sub-zero weather. Full Story

1/29/2019 (Reuters) – USDA extends deadline for farm aid to Feb. 14 after shutdown

The deadline for farmers to apply for the Market Facilitation Program has been extended to Feb. 14. Full Story

1/28/2019 (Agri-Pulse) – Washington Week Ahead: USDA restarting farm bill implementation

USDA looks to jump-start work on the 2018 farm bill now that the shutdown has ended. Full Story

1/28/2019 (KOMO) – FDA asking for input on alternative milks

The FDA’s comment period for the labeling policy surrounding the term “milk” ends tonight. Full Story

1/25/2019 (Feedstuffs) Study provides strategies to help U.S. dairy sector succeed

Consultants at the IDFA Dairy Forum said exports and a revamped supply chain are keys to improving dairy’s outlook.Full Story

1/24/2019 (American Farm Bureau Federation) – Time to Share the Facts About Climate and Food

Animal Ag Alliance’s Hannah Thompson-Weeman counters the EAT-Lancet report by saying it’s “time to share the facts about climate and food.” Full Story

1/23/2019 (Reuters) – U.S. Department of Agriculture to reopen all farm agency offices

USDA will reopen all Farm Service Agency offices tomorrow to offer services to farmers and ranchers. Full Story

1/23/2019 (Carthage Republican Tribune) – Cornell professor shares 2019 dairy economy predictions

Ag economist Andrew Novakovic talked pricing trends, production and trade at Cornell’s Dairy Day. Full Story

1/22/2019 (Progressive Dairyman) – Proposal creates ‘blue card’ status for dairy, ag workers

A proposed congressional bill would create a “blue card” to protect improperly documented dairy farm workers from deportation. Full Story

1/22/2019 (Associated Press) – Regulators Sign Off on Dairy Farm in Northwestern Indiana

Indiana regulators have approved a permit for Natural Prairie Dairy to open a 4,000-head organic dairy farm. Full Story

December 2018

12/7/2018 (NMPF) – NMPF Applauds USDA Support for More Milk Options in School Meals

The National Milk Producers Federation commended Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue for returning low-fat (1%) flavored milk as part of the National School Lunch and School Breakfast programs. Full Story


12/7/2018 (Associated Press) – U.S. Dairy Industry Calls for Greater Market Access to Japan

The U.S. dairy industry pushed President Donald Trump’s administration on Thursday to ensure increased access to the Japanese market, saying the United States lags behind other farming nations that have tariff-cutting agreements with Japan. Full Story


12/6/2018 (Brownfield Ag News) – USDA is working to remove tariffs now that USMCA has been signed

Undersecretary for trade Ted McKinney says USDA is working towards a resolution. Full Story


12/6/2018 (FarmJournal’s MILK) – Some industry analysts believe milk prices will recover in about six months

As the picture gets painted for the 2019 dairy forecast, the second half of the year will likely be when producers start to see price recovery. Full Story


12/5/2018 (Feedstuffs) – Cooperatives Work Together helping dairy producer bottom line

National Milk Producers Federation (NMPF) and its members have a long and proud history of working to move the dairy industry forward, and nowhere is that legacy clearer than in the Cooperatives Working Together (CWT) self-help export program, according to Jim Mulhern, chief executive officer of NMPF. Full Story


12/4/2018 (U.S. Dairy Export Council) – Executive Summary of Trade Deal’s Impact on Dairy

Trade policy experts at USDEC and NMPF synthesized the most significant provisions of USMCA for the U.S. dairy industry. Full Story


12/4/2018 (Dairy Herd) – GENYOUth Gala Generates More Than $2 Million

The money will be used to help support youth wellness programs such as the Fuel Up to Play 60, a partnership between U.S. dairy farmers and the National Football League. Full Story


12/3/2018 (Agri-Pulse) – China agrees to buy more US ag products as trade negotiations heat up

The White House announced Saturday night that China has agreed to “start purchasing agricultural products from our farmers immediately” after a dinner meeting between President Donald Trump, Chinese President Xi Jinping and high-level officials on both sides. Full Story


12/3/2018 (Dairy Herd) – U.S. Dairy Groups Welcome USMCA Trade Deal Signing; Canadians Unhappy

The signing of the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) by leaders of three North American countries has been applauded by members of the U.S. dairy industry, but Canadian dairymen aren’t pleased with the deal. Full Story