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September 2019

9/23/2019 (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel) – ‘I wouldn’t wish what we went through then on my worst enemy’: Wisconsin dairy crisis focus of Farm Aid 2019

Sharing the struggle of the American dairy farmer was a key part of this weekend’s Farm Aid concert. Full Story

9/20/2019 (UPI) – Growing number of dairy farmers want U.S. to regulate milk supply

Overproduction of milk is leading some farmers to ask the government to regulate supply. Full Story

9/20/2019 (NMPF) – NMPF Urges Dairy Farmers To Take Advantage Of Dairy Margin Coverage Signup Extension

The USDA extended the deadline for farmers to enroll in the Dairy Margin Coverage program to Sept. 27. Full Story

9/19/2019 (Dairy Herd Management) – World Dairy Expo Launches On-Site App

Organizers of the annual event launched an app. Full Story

9/17/2019 (Progressive Dairy) – Last call: 2019 DMC enrollment deadline is Friday

NMPF is urging dairy farmers to sign up for the Dairy Margin Coverage program by Friday’s deadline. Full Story

9/16/2019 (Dairy Business)Cows and Climate: New Series on YouTube

UC Davis professor Dr. Frank Mitloehner shares his views in a “Cows and Climate” series produced by Dairy Cares. Full Story

9/13/2019 (Progressive Dairy) – USDA sees milk price moving closer to $19 next year

Food scientist Donna Berry says dairy foods marketing should emphasize simplicity, taste and protein content. Full Story

9/11/2019 (Farm Journal’s MILK) – DMI Executive Defends Salary Scrutiny

CEO Tom Gallagher explains DMI’s executive salaries, saying the checkoff has been “incredibly effective” at being the farmer’s voice in the marketplace. Full Story

9/10/2019 (Morning Ag Clips) – Resources available for farmers hurt by disasters

Farmers impacted by natural disasters in 2018 and 2019 can apply to USDA’s $3 billion Wildfire and Hurricane Indemnity Program Plus. Full Story

9/10/2019 (Hoard’s Dairyman) – Nomination Period Open for 9th Annual U.S. Sustainability Awards

The Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy is accepting nominations for the ninth annual U.S. Dairy Sustainability Awards. Full Story

9/9/2019 (Hoard’s Dairyman) – Animal welfare relevant for restaurants, too

A Hoard’s Dairyman op-ed says restaurant chains, including those the checkoff works with, can grow sales with visually appealing animal care marketing campaigns. Full Story

9/9/2019 (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette) – Keeping dairy in Pa.: Fayette County farmer’s dreams of diversifying hinge on internet connection

A Pennsylvania dairy farmer epitomizes why strong broadband access is important to the future of dairy farming. Full Story

9/5/2019 ( – Promised Land Dairy and Dallas Cowboys Star Jason Witten Score Partnership

Dallas Cowboys star Jason Witten has launched a partnership with Promised Land Dairy and will be the face of its Midnight Chocolate Milk in a national campaign. Full Story

9/4/2019 (Agri-View) – Dairy leader encourages peers to ‘lean in’

Dairy Girl Network founder Laura Daniels says she is optimistic for the future of women in agriculture. Full Story

9/4/2019 (News 5 Cleveland) – Ohio Department of Agriculture creates #gotyourback campaign to address mental health among farmers

The Ohio Department of Agriculture created the #gotyourback campaign to provide resources for farmers battling mental health challenges. Full Story

9/3/2019 (NBC News) – Widow of American farmer is trying to erase the stigma of mental health in the heartland

Wisconsin farmers are teaming up to provide support for colleagues who need help. Full Story.

August 2019

8/30/2019 (WorkTruck) – Cow Power by the Numbers

Converting cow manure to natural gas has enormous potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, according to commercial truck magazine. Full Story

8/30/2019 (Dairy Herd Management) – Film Features First-Time Farmers Tackling Dairy Farming

PBS will premiere the documentary “Farmsteaders” this weekend. Full Story

8/29/2019 (Farm Journal’s MILK) – How Many Dairy Products Does Your State Export?

USDEC has created materials to show the economic impact of dairy exports on each state. Full Story

8/28/2019 (AGDaily) – Don’t let dairy farming get lost amid the media noise

Pennsylvania dairy farmer Tiffany Hess explains why it’s important for farmers to tell their story in social media. Full Story

8/27/2019 ( – Are Idaho and Texas the future of US dairy?

Between 2008-18, Texas and Idaho had the largest growth of large dairies behind traditional dairy states such as California, Michigan and Wisconsin. Full Story

8/26/2019 (Mid Hudson News) – Delgado’s Family Farmer Relief Act signed into law

President Trump signed the bipartisan Family Farmer Relief Act into law that would ease the process of reorganizing debt through Chapter 12 bankruptcy rules. Full Story

8/23/2019 (CNET) – Drones on the farm: Using facial recognition to keep cows healthy

Automated drones and facial-recognition technology may help monitor a herd’s health. Full Story

8/23/2019 ( – Fluid Milk Is Cool Again

A Rabobank analyst said there is “low hanging fruit” for milk companies that are willing to innovate and reinvest. Full Story

8/22/2019 (PR Newswire)Borden Dairy Launches New Kid Builder Product Just in Time for Back to School

Borden launched Kid Builder milk, a 2-percent, no-sugar-added product geared for children that has 50 percent more protein and calcium than regular milk. Full Story

8/22/2019 (Dairy Herd Management) – This Dairy Manages The Three Legged Stool Of Sustainability

John Maxwell, a recent Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy sustainability award winner, is profiled by Dairy Herd Management. Full Story

8/21/2019 (Wisconsin State Farmer) – Dairy farmers and baseball – they have more in common than you might think

Wisconsin dairy farmer Ryan Elbe and his family swapped places with the Milwaukee Brewers’ grounds crew to highlight similarities they share. Full Story

8/20/2019 (Associated Press) – Elanco becomes 2nd largest animal health co after $7.6B deal

Elanco will become the world’s second-largest animal health care company after agreeing to buy Bayer AG’s veterinary medicines business. Full Story

8/20/2019 (Wisconsin State Farmer) – Nearly 17,000 dairy farms enrolled in Dairy Margin Coverage program

USDA says 17,000 farmers have signed up for the program. Full Story

8/19/2019 (DairyBusiness) – Livestock Manure: Let’s Use it To Transform America’s Energy System

A climate change author says livestock manure could go a long way to reduce reliance on fossil fuel use and fracking. Full Story

8/16/2019 (Food Safety Magazine) – Food Safety Matters Ep. 54. Live from IAFP 2019

DMI’s Tim Stubbs shares highlights from the recent International Association for Food Protection annual meeting and listeria research work led by the Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy. His interview begins at 36:32 in the podcast. Full Story

8/15/2019 (Los Angeles Times) – Turning rotten food and poop into energy: Investors smell an opportunity

The Los Angeles Times examines how more investors are seeing opportunities in the waste-to-energy market, which includes the growth of anaerobic digesters on farms. Full Story

8/14/2019 (AGDAILY) – What happens on the farm shouldn’t stay on the farm

What’s the secret to being “internet famous?” DMI’s Don Schindler says it’s the ability to have a sense of humor in telling your dairy story. Full Story

8/14/2019 (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel) – Milk price improvement, a chance to move forward

A University of Wisconsin report shows the dairy industry contributed $45.6 billion in economic activity in 2017, up 6 percent from five years earlier despite the loss of several thousand farms. Full Story

8/13/2019 (Progressive Dairy) – Milk price outlook improves on further production cuts

The USDA’s milk production forecasts for 2019 and 2020 have been reduced, leading to a slight increase in price projections for 2019. Full Story

8/13/2019 (USDA) – Report: Farmers Prevented from Planting Crops on More than 19 Million Acres

Farmers were unable to plant crops on more than 19 million acres because of heavy rain and flooding in 2019, according to a USDA report. Full Story

8/12/2019 (CNBC) – China’s surging food prices won’t weaken its hand in the trade war, economists say

Food prices in China jumped 9.1 percent from a year ago in July, but this isn’t expected to have ramifications on reaching a trade deal with the U.S. Full Story

8/12/2019 (Farm Progress) – Panel discusses sustainability in livestock production

DMI’s Krysta Harden moderated a panel about farmers’ commitment to sustainability practices at last month’s Dairy Experience Forum. Full Story

8/9/2019 (POLITICO) – How the 2020 Democrats would overhaul farm policy

More Democratic presidential candidates are sharing their farm policy plans. Full Story

8/9/2019 (Dairy Herd Management) – Going Vegan Has Half Climate Change Impact of One Transatlantic Flight

UC Davis’ Frank Mitloehner says the report did not tell people to eat less meat but to focus on land use, and US agriculture is an example of how to improve the impact of climate change. Full Story

8/8/2019 (Wisconsin State Farmer) – Farmers urge U.S. reps, ag secretary to fix trade agreements — fast

Ag secretary Sonny Perdue and Minnesota congresspeople heard from state farmers who called for quick resolution to trade issues. Full Story

8/8/2019 (Capital Press) – Impact of trade war’s escalation unclear

Ag experts are still trying to forecast the fallout from China’s announcement to stop accepting U.S. agricultural products. Full Story

8/7/2019 (CNBC) – Trump promises more aid for farmers in 2020 ‘if necessary’ as China trade war drags on

President Trump suggested the U.S. would provide more aid to farmers “next year if necessary.” Full Story

8/7/2019 (Vermont Public Radio) – Price Forecast Provides Glimmer Of Good News For Dairy Farmers

An Agri-Mark economist believes milk prices will tick up to about $19/cwt next year, thanks to steady production numbers. Full Story

8/6/2019 (Country Today) – Class III milk price hits highest point since 2014

Class III milk prices hit their highest point since 2014. Full Story

8/6/2019 (Consortium for Common Food Names) – CCFN, U.S. Dairy Industry and Consorzio Tutela Mozzarella di Bufala Campana Sign Historic Agreement

USDEC and international groups came to terms on what can be called “mozzarella,” and signed an agreement which could be a springboard for naming rights of foods based on geography. Full Story

8/5/2019 ( – Say cheese: US exports to China to double by 2024 amid shifting consumer trends

Despite trade concerns, USDEC predicts China will double its cheese imports between now and 2024. Full Story

8/5/2019 (The Economic Times) – Dairy imports from US could be allowed after certification from veterinary officials

India may accept American dairy imports if the U.S. can guarantee against violating religious taboos. Full Story

8/2/2019 (Farm Journal’s MILK) – The One Bright Spot in Fluid Milk Sales

While fluid milk sales dropped between 2013-2017, the milk-fat content of those sales has increased due to a resurgence in whole milk. Full Story

8/2/2019 (Bloomberg) – China Vows to Counter Trump’s Tariff Threat Escalating Trade War

After President Trump threatened new tariffs on Chinese imports, China said it would “take necessary countermeasures.” Full Story

8/1/2019 (Farm Journal’s MILK) – Dairy Has Hopes For Trade Deal With Japan

Trade talks between the U.S. and Japan could result in good news for dairy producers. Full Story

8/1/2019 (New Hampshire Union Leader) – Got milk? New bill hopes to boost milk sales for NH dairy farmers

New Hampshire’s governor is poised to sign the NH Dairy Premium Bill next week that will allow people to show their support of local dairy farmers by buying specially labeled milk for an extra 50 cents per gallon. Full Story

July 2019

7/31/2019 (Farm Journal’s MILK) – Vilsack: USMCA Can Be Trade Catalyst

USDEC CEO Tom Vilsack testified before the Senate Finance Committee, urging the passage of USMCA. Full Story

7/31/2019 (South China Morning Post) – China makes concession on US farm goods in ‘frank’ and ‘constructive’ talks

China agreed to buy more U.S. agricultural goods, as the first round of trade talks since May wrapped up in Shanghai. Full Story

7/30/2019 (Hoard’s Dairyman) – How to win at YouTube

DMI’s Don Schindler offers tips on how to best use YouTube to tell your farm’s story. Full Story

7/30/2019 (Hoard’s Dairyman) – Dairy needs to come out good after this

Wisconsin dairy farmers told U.S. Senator Ron Johnson passing the USMCA “needed to happen six months ago.” Full Story

7/29/2019 (Food Dive) – Dean Foods replaces CEO with Eric Beringause amid continued struggles

Dean Foods announced Gehl Foods CEO Eric Beringause will take over as chief executive, replacing Ralph Scozzafava after two years on the job. Full Story

7/29/2019 (USDA’s – Market Facilitation Program

Today is the first day farmers can sign up for payments in the USDA’s Market Facilitation Program. Full Story

7/25/2019 (AGWEB) – Optimism Growing Again in Trade Talks With China

Optimism is growing before next week’s meeting between U.S. and China trade officials. Full Story.

7/25/2019 (Dairy Herd Management) – Play Ball! Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin and Milwaukee Brewers Team up.

Dairy farmers of Wisconsin have teamed up with the Milwaukee Brewers to share dairy’s story with baseball game attendees. Full Story.

7/24/2019 (Hoard’s Dairyman) – Fuel Up to Play 60 Celebrates 10-year Anniversary at Annual Summit.

Fuel Up to Play 60 – founded by dairy farmers and the NFL – celebrated its 10 year anniversary with nearly 400 students and teachers at its annual student ambassador summit. Full Story.

7/24/2019 (Agri-Pulse) – The Early Morning Look at Today in Agriculture.

Enrollment in the Dairy Margin program has topped 13,000, with Wisconsin accounting for almost one-third of those enrolled. Full Story.

7/24/2019 (AGWEB) – 2019 Tariff Aid May Not Be Enough to Revive Sluggish Farm Economy. 

Economists and farmers wonder if tariff aid will be enough to offset tough economic times. Full Story. 

7/23/2019 ( – Consumers are more ‘flexitarian’ than ever, but they distrust traditional dairy

New research suggests a majority of U.S. consumers have some level of distrust in dairy and meat companies. Full Story

7/23/2019 (Penn State University) – Reducing farm greenhouse gas emissions may plant the seed for a cooler planet

Penn State University researchers say by using certain sustainability practices, dairy farmers worldwide can play a key role in reducing methane emissions. Full Story

7/23/2019 (WLOS) – 2 WNC nonprofits team up to provide milk to families in need

North Carolina’s local ABC News Channel 13 WLOS station covers The Dairy Alliance’s efforts to increase milk availability in food banks through its partnership with MANNA FoodBank for the Milk2MyPlate initiative. Full Story

7/22/2019 (Dairy Herd Management) – The Manure Challenge Adds Sponsors and Advisors

Newtrient and Dairy Farmers of America are among the companies supporting the Manure Challenge, a startup competition for innovative manure management technologies and products. Full Story

7/22/2019 (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel) – Wisconsin dairy cows relax in sand, drink bovine Gatorade and visit the cow ‘car wash’ to beat summer heat

Wisconsin dairy farmers used several methods to keep their cows cool in a weekend heat wave. Full Story

7/11/2019 (Reuters) – Wall Street banks bailing on troubled U.S. farm sector

A Reuters analysis shows the agricultural loan portfolios of the nation’s top 30 banks fell by $3.9 billion between December 2015 and March 2019. Full Story

7/11/2019 (Dairy Herd Management) – When the Title Match is Big Ag vs. Hobby Farms, PETA Wins

Infighting between small and large farms makes the entire ag sector weaker while making it easier for activists to attack. Full Story

7/10/2019 (Statesman Journal) – Troubled Oregon megadairy Lost Valley Farm could reopen with 28,300 animals.

Easterday Farms has asked the state of Oregon for a permit to house 28,000 cows at the former Lost Valley Farm property. Full Story.

7/10/2019 (WDIV Detroit) – Claressa Shields working to fight childhood hunger. 

Undeniably Dairy’s “Real Love Convoy” made a stop in Detroit where pro boxer Claressa Shields spoke about the need to address childhood anger. Full Story. 

7/9/2019 (WinsightGroceryBusiness) – Kroger Cites Revamped Milk Jug in Plastic Reduction

Kroger has eliminated nearly 2 million pounds of plastics from its manufacturing largely through a revamped milk jug. Full Story.

7/9/2019 (Associated Press) – Yogurt plants in Vermont, Arizona sold to Stonyfield parent.

French-based Lactalis Group, which owns StonyField Farm, has bough Ehrmann Commonwealth Dairy that has yogurt plants in Vermont and Arizona. Full Story. 

7/9/2019 (Feedstuffs) – DFA hosts demo day for innovative startups.

DFA hosted its third annual demo day, featuring startup companies that took part in its accelerator program. Full Story.

7/8/2019 (CNN) – Like your coffee spiked? Pabst Blue Ribbon has the can for you.

Pabst Blue Ribbon is releasing alcoholic vanilla iced coffee in a can that’s made with “American” milk.” Full Story. 

7/8/2019 (U.S Dairy Exporter Blog) – Value of U.S. Exports Hits Four-Year High in May

May’s dairy exports hit their highest value in four years. Full Story.

7/3/2019 (Associated Press) – To Boost Milk, Dairy Groups Support High School Coffee Bars.

Associated Press explores how schools, with assistance from dairy checkoff organizations, are increasing milk use through the installation of coffee bars. Full Story.

7/2/2019 (WCAX Burlington) – Could Going National Help Local Dairy Farmers Thrive?

Dairy Farmers of America will invest $18 million in St. Albans Cooperative Creamery if a merger is approved. Full Story.

7/2/2019 (Associated Press) – Wolf Signs Bill To Help Ag Marketing, Foster Young Farmers.

Gov. Tom Wolf signed the $23.1 million Pennsylvania Farm bill into law, which includes $5 million to fuel dairy innovation and value-added processing. Full Story. 

7/2/2019 (USA Today) – Viral Video Shows Woman Licking a Tub of Blue Bell Ice Cream… and then Putting it Back in the Store Freezer.

Blue bell is working with law enforcement after a viral video showed a woman licking a tub of ice cream and putting it back in a store’s freezer. Full Story.

7/1/2019 (Farm to Table Talk) – Dairy’s Environmental Impact – Tara Vendor Dussen and Krysta Harden.

New Mexico producer Tara Vander Dussen and Krysta Harden of the Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy share how the industry makes caring for the environment a top priority. Full Story.

7/1/2019 (Associated Press) – Dutch farm floats possibilities of urban dairy production.

Associated Press takes a closer look at the Dutch dairy farm that’s actually a three-story floating structure. Full Story. 

June 2019

6/27/2019 (Hoard’s Dairyman) – Dairy’s biggest threat looms

California’s Tyler Ribeiro writes for Hoard’s Dairyman that dairy farmers are better served when they support each other instead of attacking one another because of their differences. Full Story

6/27/2019 (Bloomberg) – Trump Warns of ‘Plan B’ on China Trade: Billions More in Tariffs

President Trump said he’s ready to impose tariffs on China if there’s no progress on a trade deal after a meeting with Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping at the G-20 Summit. Full Story

6/26/2019 (MinnPost) – Can Minnesota save its dairy farms?

MinnPost examines the Minnesota Dairy Assistance, Investment and Relief Initiative (DAIRI), an $8 million measure passed by the Minnesota Legislature this year to address the dairy crisis in the state. Full Story.

6/26/2019 (AGWEB) – Ag group urges vigilance in when hiring farm workers. 

Animal Ag Alliance offers tips for staying vigilant against activists when hiring farm workers. Full Story. 

6/25/2019 ( – FARM Program Announces New Educational Resources.

The FARM program unveiled two manuals and other materials as part of its FARM Workforce Development program area. Full Story. 

6/25/2019 (News Release) – Dairy Task Force 2.0 Adopts Final Report.

Wisconsin’s Dairy Task Force 2.0 has finalized its report with 51 recommendations for the state to improve its industry. Full Story. 

6/25/2019 (Forbes) – Helping Others Is Not Just Nice To Do. It Actually Makes you Healthier, Says Champion Laila Ali. 

Former boxing champion Laila Ali talks about the health benefits of kindness in a Forbes piece that spotlights her work with the Undeniably Dairy campaign against childhood hunger. Full Story. 

6/24/2019 (Feedstuffs) – Land O’Lakes, Royal Agrifirm announce China joint venture.

Land O’Lakes has signed a deal with a Netherlands group to create a dairy feed company in China. Full Story.

6/24/2019 (Hoard’s Dairyman) – New Bill Looks to Forgive Farmer Student Loan.

The Young Farmer Success Act, introduced by a bipartisan group of congressmen, would allow farmers and ranchers to participate in the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program. Full Story.

6/20/2019 (Daily Star) – Legislature passes bill allowing unions, overtime for farm workers.

Legislation that grants New York farm workers the right to join unions and requires they be paid overtime was approved by both houses. Full Story.

6/20/2019 (The New York Times) – A Guide to the Universe of Milks.

The New York Times guides parents through the many milk options for young children, including very positive reviews for cow’s milk. Full Story. 

6/20/2019 (ScienceDaily) – Yogurt may help to lower pre-cancerous bowel growth risk in men. 

Yogurt may help lower the risk of pre-cancerous bowel growth in men, according to a new study. Full Story. 

6/19/2019 (The Progress) – Dairy farmers, industry leaders, legislators and families call for return of whole milk to schools. 

Pennsylvania dairy leaders called on Congress to pass dairy-related reform, including a bill to allow whole milk in schools. Full Story. 

6/19/2019 (Feedstuffs) – New Zealand researchers attempt ‘potty training’ cows.

New Zealand scientists are exploring whether cows can be toilet-trained. Full Story. 

6/18/2019 (Brownfield Ag News) – New DMC should benefit dairy farmers.

MMPA’s Ken Nobis explains why he believes the DMC will help dairy farmers. Full Story.

6/18/2019 (Progressive Dairyman) – Dairy received about 2% of initial MFP payments.

Dairy farmers received about 2 percent of the $8.5 billion paid out through the Market Facilitation Program. Full Story. 

6/17/2019 (CNBC) – Success lessons boxing legend Muhammed Ali taught daughter Laila about success and money.

Laila Ali learned social compassion from her father Muhammed Ali; she’s now working with Undeniably Dairy and Feeding America to prevent childhood hunger. Full Story.

6/17/2019 (WQAD Moline, IL) – Dairy cows fuel up on coffee creamer daily at local Iowa farm. 

Iowa dairy farmer John Maxwell, a recent U.S. Dairy Sustainability Award winner, shares how he uses coffee creamer destined for a landfill in his cow feed. Full Story.

6/17/2019 (DairyBusiness) – Fuel Up to Play 60 Opened My Eyes to Benefits of Dairy Promotion

Texas dairy farmer Preston DeJong said getting involved in Fuel Up to Play 60 events opened his eyes to the benefits of the dairy checkoff. Full Story. 

6/13/2019 (Morning Call) – Making School Lunches Great Again: Toomey bill would allow whole milk back in schools

Senator Pat Toomey (R-Pa.) has introduced the Milk in Lunches for Kids (MILK) Act, which would re-allow whole and 2% milk in school meals. Full Story

6/13/2019 (Dairy Herd Management) – April Dairy Margin Coverage Payment 54¢

April will qualify for a payout for farmers who sign up for $9.50/coverage, marking the fourth straight month of eligible feed margin payments. Full Story

6/12/2019 (Reuters) – USDA says may allow farmers to collect some trade aid on unplantable acres

Ag secretary Sonny Perdue says the USDA is looking at ways for farmers who have been unable to plant crops to qualify for “minimal” payments from the recently-announced $16 billion trade relief package. Full Story

6/12/2019 (The Hill) – FDA says ‘forever chemicals’ in some foods not a human health concern

The FDA says despite a recently-leaked report, about PFAS chemicals found in some foods, it does not “have any indication that these substances are a human health concern.” Full Story

6/11/2019 (Dairy Herd Management) – Dairy Margin Coverage Sign-Up Begins June 17th.

Registration begins next Monday. Full Story. 

6/11/2019 (Atlas Obscura) – The Endangered Cow being Saved by Cheese.

An endangered South American cow breed called Pantaneiro may be saved by a unique cheese flavor and texture made from its milk. Full Story.

6/10/2019 (Iowa Farmer Today) – Dairy outlook promising if tariff issues resolve.

USDEC and University of Wisconsin analysts say dairy’s outlook looks bright if tariff issues can be resolved. Full Story. 

6/10/2019 (Hoard’s Dairyman) – Kids need nutrition when school’s out, too. 

Dairy Council of California is working to address childhood hunger this summer. Full Story. 

6/10/2019 (Dairy Foods) – How should we measure ‘milk’ production?

An ag analyst says milk production should be measured in terms of milk solid components. Full Story. 

6/6/2019 (Hoard’s Dairyman) – NMPF, IDFA Commend Introduction of Bipartisan School Milk Nutrition Act

IDFA and NMPF applaud the proposed School Milk Nutrition Act of 2019, which would turn the current policy allowing schools variety in milk choices into law. Full Story

6/6/2019 (Bloomberg Opinion) – A Productivity Revolution Is Wiping Out (Most) Dairy Farms

Bloomberg Opinion says the biggest reason dairy farms are closing at faster rates is because of consolidation. Full Story

6/5/2019 (Good Morning America) – Laila Ali on cross-country campaign to teach kids about proper nutrition

Dairy farmer Katie Dotterer-Pyle and former boxer Laila Ali talked about Undeniably Dairy’s efforts to combat childhood hunger. Full Story. 

6/5/2019 (The Hill) – House advances $24B agriculture bill.

The House Appropriations Committee advanced a $24.3 billion agriculture spending bill, readying it for a floor vote this month. Full Story.

6/5/2019 (Forbes) – Sonny Perdue, U.S. Secretary of Agriculture, To Headline Fifth-Annual Forbes AgTech Summit In Salinas, CA

Ag Secretary Sonny Purdue will headline this month’s Forbes AgTech Summit. Full Story. 

6/4/2019 (News release) – The Dairy Community Will Rally Coast to Coast This Summer to Take on Child Hunger

DMI, the Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy and MilkPEP will team with Feeding America this summer to combat childhood hunger. Full Story.

6/4/2019 (Wisconsin State Farmer) – Dairy Farmers of America turns social currency into real milk money

Dairy Farmers of America will donate one gallon of milk to charity for every social media posts that uses #GiveMilkMoney during June Dairy Month. Full Story.

6/4/2019 (Thrillist) – Everywhere you can free and cheap food for National Cheese Day

Today is National Cheese Day. Full Story.

6/3/2019 (KETV Omaha) – Governor Pete Ricketts proclaims June as Dairy Month

Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts declared June as Dairy Month, recognizing “the goodness dairy brings to people’s lives.” Full Story.

6/3/2019 (WLS Chicago) – Saturday Morning Extra: Midwest Dairy Association.

Illinois dairy farmer Bill Deutsch spoke about dairy’s role in combating child hunger. Full Story. 

6/3/2019 (DairyBusiness) – Be prepared and focus for media interviews. 

Jamie Mara of the Dairy Business Association offers media tips for farmers with June Dairy Month here. Full Story.