Olympian Lee Kiefer Visits Dairy Farm

The Dairy Alliance's Denise Jones and Tracey True accompanied Lee Kiefer on a tour of the University of Kentucky Dairy. Lee, a Milk Pep Team Milk athlete who participated in the 2012 and 2016 Olympics as part of the USA Fencing Olympic team, is a current medical student eager to learn and share milk's good news. On the tour, Lee learned about a wide variety of topics: animal tracking systems, artificial insemination, general calf care, cow nutrition and TMRs, safe antibiotic use, the use of bulk milk tanks, milk safety/quality tests and more. As a medical student, Lee was interested in the science of the dairy industry and enjoyed seeing how research has influenced farmers' practices. She then gained hands-on experience by walking through the pens with heifers and milking cows before learning to milk a cow both by hand and with the machine. What's next? Lee expressed interest in visiting a processor to see the next leg in the journey of milk from cow-to-cup. She is a true milk fan!