Strive for 35 at KSNA Conference

The Dairy Alliance exhibited during the Kentucky School Nutrition Association’s (KSNA) three-day annual conference. Over 500 members from across the state attended the conference to discover how to improve student meals in the upcoming school year. 

The Dairy Alliance booth focused on sharing with schools the Strive for 35 program, which encourages school cafeterias to keep milk at 35 degrees or below, so students are ensured great-tasting, safe milk. Recently, the program has expanded to highlight how bulk milk dispensers can best keep milk cold for all students, being stored in a refrigerated unit until students pour it into their cups at mealtimes.  

Through exhibits at conferences like the KSNA annual conference, The Dairy Alliance shares programs that encourage students to choose nutritious meals at school and build healthy eating habits for the future. 

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