The Dairy Truth Event Held for UTK Students

Student members from the Food/Ag Business, Food Science, Nutrition, Dairy, Block & Bridle, and Poultry Clubs at The University of Tennessee in Knoxville viewed The Dairy Alliance's newest documentary, The Dairy Truth. Following the viewing, the students discussed the dairy farming sustainability practices and nutrition found in today's dairy industry.

To highlight how dairy also fits into current tastes, The Dairy Alliance provided Moo Brew iced coffee. Dr. Eckelkamp, the Dairy Extension Specialist and Assistant Professor for UT Institute of Agriculture, and students enjoyed the Moo Brew flavor options, including the fall-essential pumpkin spice. Agriculture students will continue to experience dairy, with the next dairy-focused event being offered towards the end of the semester for stressed studets - Cuddle A Calf Day!

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