University Students Learn Dairy’s Story

The Dairy Alliance's Assistant Director of Community Wellness, Callie Yakubisin, often works to introduce student dietitians to dairy farming. Through this educational experience, students can learn how dairy is produced and someday promote milk's health benefits to clients.

She recently facilitated a dairy farm tour at Richlands Creamery for future dietitians and 2 professors from Virginia State University. Attendees enjoyed ice cream following the tour and learned about the role that The Dairy Alliance can play in supporting educational programs at universities. Attendees also received resources on lactose intolerance education, milk alternatives, and dairy throughout the lifespan.

Callie also guest lectured for a group of about 60 undergrad students at Virginia Commonwealth University. She spoke about the role dairy foods play in a healthy diet along with the sustainability efforts of dairy farmers. Students enjoyed the presentation and described it as the best speaking event they've had all year!

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