Donna Martin on Coffee with America

10/15/2018 (Birmingham, Al.) – Donna Martin, Registered Dietitian and dairy advocate, appeared on Coffee with America to support The Dairy Alliance’s Eat Together, Eat Better campaign. Donna talked about the three tips to help families eat together: plan, prep and pack the pantry. She also discussed the health benefits children receive from eating with their families. Her video has over 2.5 million views so far! Watch the full segment here.

Eat Together, Eat Better on Good Day Alabama

10/4/2018 (Birmingham, Al.) – As part of The Dairy Alliance’s Eat Together, Eat Better campaign, Birmingham-based dietitian, blogger, and trained dairy advocate, Jessica Ivey appeared on WBRC’s Good Day Alabama. She informed viewers about the health benefits of eating together with family or coworkers. Jessica also prepared The Dairy Alliance’s Cheesy Chicken Enchilada recipe highlighting the many health benefits and of nutrient-rich dairy.  Watch the full segment here.

Alabama Student Recognized at Atlanta Falcons’ Game

9/30/2018 (Atlanta, Ga.) – Alabama’s state student ambassador for Fuel Up to Play 60, Skye Niblett, was recognized at the Falcons’ Play 60 game along with his program advisor, Bridgette Rayfield. Skye attends Bumpus Middle School in Hoover City Schools, and Bridgette Rayfield was his Program Advisor at Brocks Gap Intermediate School.  After being recognized for their commitment to staying active, Skye and Bridgette attended the Falcons’ game.

Dairy advocate shares the importance of dairy on national news outlet

8/28/2018 (Birmingham, Ala.) – On Tuesday, August 28th, The Dairy’s Alliance’s own third-party advocate, Dr. Beth Kitchin, a registered dietitian and professor at the University of Alabama in Birmingham’s School of Public Health and Osteoporosis Clinic, was featured in a national article discussing dairy’s positive impact on health.  The online article appeared on news outlets including MSN and Today. This article has been viewed 7.8 million times so far!

Research shared found dairy products, especially cheese and yogurt, protect against both total mortality — death from any cause — and mortality from cerebrovascular causes. Dr. Kitchin was quoted saying “Dairy foods like milk, cheese, yogurt and kefir are great sources of high-quality protein, calcium and phosphorus. Milk and yogurt are good sources of potassium — which is tough to get enough of in our diets. Diets high in potassium help lower blood pressure.”

See the full article here.

Dairy Promotion Training for Limestone County

8/7/2018 (Athens, Ala.) -The Dairy Alliance’s Jana Miller, conducted a Dairy Promotion training for Limestone County Schools child nutrition employees.  Over 100 employees attended to learn the importance of dairy in a child’s diet and how to start dairy promotions in their cafeterias. Nutrition staff also learned how The Dairy Alliance can be a great resource for helping students obtain their nutritional requirements while at school. Jana discussed programs such as Breakfast in the Classroom, Grab N’ Go Breakfast and Smooth and Smart.

Alabama WIC conference

7/12/2018 (Montgomery, Ala.) – At the annual Alabama state WIC conference held in Montgomery, Laura Marbury and Jana Miller met with key leaders to share and exhibit materials that highlighted the importance of nutrient-rich dairy in the WIC package. During the break, a nutritious dairy parfait was also provided for participants to enjoy.

Debunking Milk Myths: From the Farm Gate to MyPlate A Success!

6/12/2018 (Monroe, Ala.) – Changing hearts and minds about animal agriculture was the goal of Debunking Milk Myths: From the Farm Gate to MyPlate, the latest advocate training held in Monroe, North Carolina. On June 12th, dairy farmer Roddy Purser guided participants through his dairy farm, White Rock Farms. Purser fielded questions about milking, cow comfort, calf care, sustainability, nutrition and milk safety. “It means a lot for these influencers to take the time to come out and see where their food comes from,” Purser said. This type of transparency is necessary to change attitudes and beliefs concerning animal agriculture and dairy farming.” stated Laura Marbury, Food and Nutrition Outreach Manager for Alabama. As we plan for the future, we must take more influencers out to dairy farms to appreciate all the work that goes into a glass of milk.”

Dairy Featured on “Good Day Alabama” to Promote Bone Health

5/22/2018 (Birmingham, Ala.) – As part of the Bonegevity campaign, trained dairy advocates and dietitians Beth Kitchin and Marie Spano both appeared on WBRC’s “Good Day Alabama” in Birmingham. While there they talked about the importance of bone health and how you can get calcium, vitamin D and protein from dairy foods.


Alabama Dietetics Meeting

3/14/2018 (Birmingham, Ala.) – Attendees at the Alabama Dietetics Association meeting kicked off the conference with a Welcome Reception sponsored by The Dairy Alliance.

Alabama Hunger Summit

3/08/2018 (Florence, Ala.) – Dayle spoke about the important role school meals play in food insecurity and highlighted the importance of nutrient-rich dairy in school meals. Attendees included local government officials, child nutrition directors, dietitians and food bank and food agency representatives. While in town, Jana Miller and Laura Marbury also took Dayle to visit Colber Heights High School, which had just used grant funding from The Dairy Alliance to purchase a grab and go breakfast cart.


SUDIA recipes featured in Decatur Daily article

Southeast Dairy Association - Alabama11/29/2017 (Decatur, Ala.) – SUDIA staff member Laura Marbury provided Decatur Daily with dairy recipes and tips for staying healthy during the holidays. She also talked about starting the day with a balanced breakfast that includes dairy to avoid overeating later. Full Article




Dairy featured on ABC 33/40’s “Talk of Alabama” show

Southeast Dairy Association - Alabama11/23/2017 (Birmingham, Ala.) – SUDIA advocate and registered dietitian Jessica Ivey was featured on ABC 33/40’s Birmingham’s “Talk of Alabama” show to talk about how people can up their protein and cut back on saturated fat during the holidays with low-fat dairy options. Featured recipes include Greek Holiday Cheese Balls (using low-fat Greek cream cheese) and SUDIA’s Spicy Sweet Potato Dip recipe. Full Video

North Alabama Dietetic Association presentation

Southeast Dairy Association - Alabama11/14/2017 (Huntsville, Ala.) – SUDIA staff member Laura Marbury Presented “Dairy and the Athlete” to North Alabama Dietetic Association (NALDA) on Nov. 14. During the Marbury discussed the important role dairy plays in the diets of athletes. Pictured from left to right are NALDA President Meredith Mercier, Marbury and NALDA President-Elect Rachel Sullivan.



Dr. Beth Kitchin: Nutrition for people ages 50 and over

Southeast Dairy Association - Alabama10/24/2017 (Birmingham, Ala.) – University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) nutritionist Dr. Beth Kitchin joined WBRC Fox 6’s “Good Morning Alabama” to share the four focus nutrients for people over the age of 50. Full Video and Transcript


FUTP 60 Kickoff Rally at Wilmer Elementary School

Southeast Dairy Association - Alabama9/15/2017 (Wilmer, Ala.) – On Sep. 15, SUDIA hosted a Fuel Up to Play 60 Kickoff Rally at Wilmer Elementary School to celebrate the school’s recent enrollment in the FUTP 60 program.



Super Sips for Teens

Southeast Dairy Association - blues buster berry smoothie8/10/2017 (Montgomery, Ala.) – SUDIA Director of Nutrition Affairs Mary Martin Nordness wrote an article, published in Potential magazine, about healthy beverage choices for teenagers. The article emphasizes the need for calcium-rich dairy foods as adolescent and teens years are critical for building a strong skeleton. Full Story

ABCs of back-to-school meals

Southeast Dairy Association - cheesy egg scrambler8/9/2017 (Decatur, Ala.) – Decatur Daily’s feature interview with SUDIA Director of Nutrition Affairs Mary Martin Nordness on protein-packed recipes to get students through the new school year. Full Story

Mobile County Physical Education Professional Development Training

Southeast Dairy Association - Alabama8/1-3/2017 (Theodore, Ala.) – SUDIA staff member Cathi deVeer presented Fuel Up to Play 60 to more 150 elementary school physical education (PE) teachers, assistants, and coaches in Mobile County, Ala. Current Alabama FUTP 60 Program Advisor of the Year Faye Hussong and Student Ambassador of the Year Amare Johnson both presented to the group about their experience at the FUTP 60 Student Ambassador Summit in Minnesota earlier this year. Fourteen new FUTP 60 program advisors signed up as a result of the event.

SUDIA and GENYOUth Alabama Impact Report 2017

Southeast Dairy Association - GENYOUth

7/26/2017 – GENYOUth and its related dairy-funded programs (Fuel Up to Play 60, NFL FLAG and AdVenture Capital) have been working hard with the Southeast United Dairy Industry Association, Inc. (SUDIA) to promote healthy eating and physical activity in Alabama schools. In their latest impact report, SUDIA and GENYOUth demonstrate how dairy dollars go to work for the children of Alabama.

Southeast states represented at Fuel Up to Play 60 student summit

Southeast Dairy Association - Fuel Up to Play 60 Student Ambassador Summit7/24-27/2017 – SUDIA Board of Directors Glen Easter (center left) and SUDIA School Health and Wellness Director Molly Szymanski (center right) pose with southeast Fuel Up to Play 60 student ambassadors and program advisors during the annual Fuel Up to Play 60 Student Ambassador Summit. The summit, which took place late July in Minneapolis, Minn., brings together student leaders and educators from Fuel Up to Play 60 program across the country to connect and participate in leadership activities and skill-building exercises. Health and wellness experts, corporate leaders, NFL players and many others helped students and educators learn sustainable skills to improve the health and wellness environments of their schools.

Potential Magazine Shows the Importance of Dairy

8/7/2018 (Montgomery, Ala.) – The Dairy Alliance’s Laura Marbury, MS, RDN, LD wrote an article featured in Potential Magazine’s fall issue. Potential Magazine is a resource for parents of teens to help children reach their full potential. Her article talks about sports nutrition and highlights the important role dairy plays in a young athlete’s diet by being a good source of protein. Laura mentions how chocolate milk is the perfect workout recovery beverage. In the article, she shares one of The Dairy Alliance’s new recipes: Peanut Butter Trail Mix Muffins which are made with Greek yogurt. See the full article here.