We are global advocates for dairy as an essential ingredient to life.

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Dairy Recipes

Here at The Dairy Alliance, we understand the need to provide your family healthy, nutritious options that your family will love. From breakfast granola bites to herb chicken salad, sultry smoothies to pimiento cheese, there are tons of delicious dairy recipes for you to choose from.

  • Almond Mocha Ice Coffee

  • Ancient Grain Hot Cereal

  • Angel Cake with Berries and Cream

  • Autumn Pumpkin Soup

  • Blues Buster Blueberry Peach Smoothie

  • Buttermilk-Blue Cheese Dressing

  • Cheddar Puffs

  • Chipotle Grits Breakfast Bowl

Dairy Farming

Dairy farmers take excellent care of their cows, providing their animals clean and comfortable housing, fresh water, food and medical attention when necessary.

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Dairy Nutrition

Milk and other dairy foods are great sources of protein, calcium and vitamins for people in all walks of life.

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Dairy in Schools

The Dairy Alliance works with schools and nutrition officials throughout the Southeast to promote dairy.

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