Visit Our Dairy Farms and Take a Virtual Tour

Dairy farms know that healthy, happy cows produce more high-quality milk. This is why the well-being of the dairy cows is every farmer’s top priority. Dairy farmers take excellent care of their cows, providing their animals clean and comfortable housing, fresh water, food and medical attention when necessary.

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Take a Virtual Tour of a Dairy Farm

This virtual walk-through explains the main functions of the modern dairy barn with brief educational videos covering topics such as milking parlors, cow care, cow feed, pasteurization, and sustainability efforts. Click the photo or headline above to learn more.

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Dairy Farm Tours in Your State

Touring a dairy farm as a classroom, family, or tour group can be a fun and educational way to see dairy cows up close and identify with the farmers who produce the wholesome dairy products your family enjoys. Click the photo or headline above to learn more.

Discovery Education™ / Undeniably Dairy™ Virtual Field Trip

In partnership with Discovery TV’s award-winning Discovery Education™ program and the Undeniably Dairy™ campaign, we are proud to offer Virtual Field Trip (VFT). This innovative series goes behind-the-scenes to show students how farmers and the dairy community bring dairy foods from farm-to-table, while contributing to sustainable food systems. Join us to learn about the latest advances on modern today’s dairy farms.

The Dairy Alliance Virtual Farm Tours

The Dairy Alliance offers virtual farm tours throughout the year. Designed for students and families to learn about local dairy farms and farmers’ hard work in producing nutritious milk and other dairy foods, these tours cover farm practices, the life of a cow, sustainability and more.