Fuel Up to Play 60

Empowering today’s youth to lead healthier lives

What is Fuel Up to Play 60?

Fuel Up to Play 60, the nation’s largest in-school nutrition and physical activity program, works in 73,000 schools nationwide to increase physical activity, healthy eating habits and access to nutritious foods through student, teacher and parent involvement. The program is a partnership between the National Dairy Council (NDC) and National Football League (NFL), in collaboration with the USDA, and is administered in the Southeast by The Dairy Alliance.

Fuel Up to Play 60 is celebrating 10 amazing years of empowering students make positive changes in their schools by improving opportunities to consume nutrient-rich foods and get at least 60 minutes of physical activity every day. The ultimate goal at schools is to ensure sustainable, positive changes that complement an academic environment. Families, communities and local governments all have a role in helping today’s children learn about the importance of proper nutrition and physical activity.

Why Fuel Up to Play 60 Is Important

A growing body of evidence indicates obesity, physical inactivity and poor nutrition are associated with lower levels of school achievement. Through positive changes in the healthy eating and physical activity environment in schools, Fuel Up to Play 60 helps students engage, achieve focus and attain academic goals. For instance, Fuel Up to Play 60 games encourage students to be physically active and make thoughtful choices about their nutrition. With regular participation, the practice can have a lasting impact toward positive lifelong habits.

How It Works

Fuel Up to Play 60 empowers students to create and implement activities that reward them for making healthy choices and inspiring change in their school. Students participate in fun campaigns, track their healthy eating and physical activity, work collaboratively with adults to implement and complete “plays” from the Playbook, and earn fun online rewards.

Students also have the opportunity to be a part of the Student Ambassador Program, where they serve as student leaders to give Fuel Up to Play 60 a voice in their schools and communities. Being a Student Ambassador gives students a platform to implement positive changes in their school’s nutrition and physical activity programs. Through it all, students help each other build healthy habits and move toward a better future for themselves and their school.

Dedicated adults in the school act as Program Advisors and receive grants, educational tools and resources from Fuel Up to Play 60 to help them implement the program in their local schools.

Our Fuel Up to Play 60 Partners

The Dairy Alliance partners with a number of nationally recognized organizations to bring Fuel Up to Play 60 to local schools.

Southeast Dairy Association - GENYOUth
Southeast Dairy Association - NFLPA Logo

The Dairy Alliance NFL Partnerships

Since 2004, The Dairy Alliance and the NFL have partnered to encourage America’s youth to be physically active and adopt healthy eating habits. According to Let’s Move!, 8 to 18-year-old adolescents spend an average of 7.5 hours a day using entertainment media including TV, computers, video games, cell phones and movies in a typical day, and only one-third of high school students get the recommended levels of physical activity. With Fuel Up to Play 60 games, students can exchange digital attractions for fun physical activity. The Dairy Alliance works with the Atlanta Falcons, Carolina Panthers and Tennessee Titans to get kids moving and help schools and communities make wellness part of the game plan.

Falcons Logo
Panthers Logo
Titans Logo

NFL Fuel Up to Play 60 Representatives

A big part of the excitement surrounding Fuel Up to Play 60 comes from our partnership with NFL teams. Every team in the league designates a Fuel Up to Play 60 representative, who volunteers their time at local schools and other community events to promote healthy eating and 60 minutes of play a day. Schools active in Fuel Up to Play 60 have the chance to participate in pep rallies and receive visits from NFL players, team mascots and NFL cheerleaders.

Here’s our Fuel Up to Play 60 team roster:

Southeast Dairy Association - Atlanta Falcons Fuel Up to Play 60 logo

Atlanta Falcons

Southeast Dairy Association - Carolina Panthers Fuel Up to Play 60 logo

Carolina Panthers

Southeast Dairy Association - Tennessee Titans Fuel Up to Play 60 logo

Tennessee Titans

Hayden Hurst #81

Tight End

Shaq Thompson #54

Outside Linebacker

Brett Kern #6


How to Enroll in Fuel Up to Play 60

Get in the game and enroll in Fuel Up to Play 60 NOW by visiting www.fueluptoplay60.com or the following links.

Students – https://www.fueluptoplay60.com/get-involved/students
Parents/Supporters – https://www.fueluptoplay60.com/get-involved/parents/
Teachers – https://www.fueluptoplay60.com/get-involved/educators
Community Members – https://www.fueluptoplay60.com/get-involved/community-members

Fuel Up to Play 60 News

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