4 Recipes for Your Pumpkin Spiced Life

lattes served in pumpkin mugs

The weather says it’s still summer, but because school is back in session, there are some rushing to call it fall. Ok, everyone is rushing to fall. Summer has been a literal hot mess. The temperature has reached new highs and the weather does what it wants. Colorful changing leaves and cool evenings on the porch is the setting we need for a quick recovery from a strange month. Even though the weather still hasn’t gotten the message, we can live like it’s fall.  

It’s time for plaid everything to fill your wardrobe as you decorate with your seasonal ingredients of pumpkins and squash. Neighbors will rush to decorate for Halloween, meaning there will be that one neighbor who tries to make a Thanksgiving countdown into a neighborhood event while another shrugs and puts out the Christmas lights. And when the decorating is finished, it’s time for the taste you’ve been missing: pumpkin spice.  

Your pumpkin spice toothpaste supply ran out months ago and you couldn’t get away with the pumpkin pie at every meal. You’re ready for fall and all the pumpkin spice the season brings. If you’re rushing to into fall for pumpkin spice everything, grab an oversized scarf and head to the kitchen. We have all the recipes of your pumpkin spiced dreams. 

Spice up your breakfast, brunch, and breakfast for dinner (brinner?) with some pumpkin pancakes. This recipe brings together sweet pumpkin flavors, the warm taste of cinnamon, and tangy yogurt for a meal your taste buds will find heavenly. For a quick bite to satisfy your craving, combine pumpkin with cloves, cinnamon, and the other spices that smell like fall in a pumpkin bread recipe that uses Greek yogurt for a moist slice whenever you need that PSL fix. If you can’t wait for the return of pumpkin spice lattes, replace the mug with a glass of this kefir pumpkin pie smoothie that will keep you cool while the thermometer thinks it’s summer. 

If nothing will do until you have that pumpkin spice latte in your hand, try this PSL dream that’s ready in under 5 minutes. If that still doesn’t fill your pumpkin spice needs, we have all the content you’ll ever need on your favorite fall taste. Browse our blogs and recipes on pumpkin everything you need from this early fall to your winter holidays. They’ll have you living the pumpkin spiced life in no time. 

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